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LittleBigPlanet 1- Creating Levels

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LittleBigPlanet 1- Creating Levels

Post by Lady_Scout on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:29 pm

Ffs, I really don't feel like typing out a guide but some of us forget how to create some things. I'm too lazy to post pictures even though I can easily get them. Shush you :evil:

General Info

Create Mode is when you actually create stuff in it. Play Mode is when you can test it out before publishing.


There are 3 layers that Sackboy can move on, of course and you can put stuff on each level. This means 3 layers of thickness which can be adjusted with R1 and R2 in Create Mode. L1 and L2 control which layer you are putting the object/material on. There are also 4 layers of the thinnest piece of block you can place. Sackboy cannot bump into these.

The thermometer. It measures how much you can put in your level. If it reaches the top, you can't do anything else. Vertices (corners), stickers/decorations, lots of different materials, lights, vehicles, etc. increase it.

Materials. There's loads of crap in here. Wood, sponges, cardboard (I think), and floaty materials can float on water (Pirates of the Carribbean DLC). Sponges and floaties can easily break as do cardboard. Stones and metals are a lot tougher and do not get crushed easily. Glass is a see-through material and is slippery. Dark matter is special, so to speak, since it can float without any support. When attached to other objects/materials, they can make that thing float. It is usually used to make hanging signs and other stuff. Only sponges and floaties can be grabbed (polyester too). However, there is a glitch that can make glass possible to grab but I have no idea how to do it. Circular shapes= LOTS of vertices. Don't use too many.

When making something, its shape cannot be too complicated so you might as well just attach another piece to it instead of adding to what you have.

Switches activate loads of stuff. There's a variety to select from. Proximity ones activate when the player is within its radius. Magnetic switches activate when the "key" is within range of the receiving switch. A 2-way switch is a lever that moves back and forth so you can do whatever needs to be done like making an elevator go up. A 3-way switch is the same except it has a neutral center. They can be used to adjust speed, direction, or turn things on/off.

Tools like rope and pistons are very useful in a level. There are bolts which attach things together, wheels that make things spin, and a wobble bolt to make things teeter. Rope holds things up or together. Pistons make objects go up and down. Winches can also make things go up or down but only when applied with a switch. Rods hold things up. Springs make objects springy (um, duh). Switches can be applied to most of these. Some tools must use the stiff option to make them strong and not flop around all over the place. They can also be turned invisible so nobody has to stare at all of this.

Creatures. A brain or protected brain makes the creature somewhat intelligent since it can follow or run away when the player gets near. Wheels and legs are used to make them move. Eyes just follow you, they don't have much of a use besides that. The magic mouth makes text bubbles pop up.

Dangerous objects kill Sackboy. Impact bombs detonate on impact and so do rockets. End of story.

Checkpoints, score bubbles, etc etc. A regular score bubble equals 10 points. Prize bubbles equal 50 and can hold objects. Checkpoints are where Sackboy spawns after dying. There is the regular one, a double-life, and infinite (Creator's Pack 1). There are racing gates to hold races. The scoreboard marks the end of the level.

Character upgrades. This includes the Paintinator (paint ball gun, MGS DLC), scuba diving suit (POC DLC), jetpack w/ tether, and jetpack w/o tether (CP1 DLC). An upgrade can be taken away via a red floating X that is obtained, once again, in the Creator's Pack.

Emitters, rockets, other things I completely forgot to add earlier that's supposed to be before the last couple of topics. There are vents that give Sackboy 30 seconds of air underwater (POC DLC) which can also be obtained by reaching the surface but sometimes, you just can't. Emitters make things appear (or disappear). Rockets make things fly/move really fast. A global lighting object can adjust lighting/fog in your level when activated. A global water object adjusts the water level in-game. I'm sure I forgot something.

Special tools that are useful. I mean the ones where you can make stuff be on fire, electric, or even deadly gas. You can disable that if you want, it's another tool. There is one that changes the material of an object. Another edits the corners. One can capture objects (materials bag) and save them. This can be used to make custom objects for emitters.

If you look at the page after materials, there are LOADS of objects there that you got from the Story Mode. Use those in your level if you wish. The last page is Community Objects where you got from playing Community Levels and some get deleted if you get too many.

Not only can objects decorate your level but so can stickers and decorations. It adds a bit more flair to it and makes in all these pretty colors. How nice. Oh, and don't fire Paintinators when you're in the middle of making a level or blow up a bomb for that matter. You'll have to use your sticker picker-upper to get rid of the stains on your level. It's not fun, trust me.

Lights. They can illuminate parts of your level or just be there to be pretty. Don't add too many or the thermometer will go WAY up. How me and Bunni made a lights level without having it explode is beyond my reasoning.

Backgrounds can be applied such as a snow background from the Wilderness and etc. Music can be added and should be placed at checkpoints. A page in the back of the Tools Bag allows you to adjust global water or global lighting. Sound effects can be added.

There are a lot of them.

Teleporter- an emitter releases gas when activated (switch please, grab or the one you stand on preferably). The switch is hooked up to both it and a checkpoint somewhere else in the level. You spawn at that checkpoint.

Invisible wall not letting me move?! I'm floating?! WHAT???- use dark matter and make it as small as possible and draw a line. It is invisible. NO BENDING OR IT MESSES UP. Also may be used to make objects float.

OMG! How do you put stuff beyond 3 layers??- search for a Community Level that provides you with 3D glitched materials.

Weird flame... Shocked- select the candle and click on its flame. Press L3 to copy and put it where you want. Note that you cannot move it anywhere else afterwards so be careful.

Pretty Score Bubbles- you can put stickers on them to make them more colorful. It is also possible to make them look like they're on fire or electric with the danger tools but don't worry, they are perfectly harmless.

There's probably more but I can't remember all of them.

Holy crap, I did make a guide (ish). Go here to for more tips & tricks.

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