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When one thing goes wrong...

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When one thing goes wrong...

Post by NewWaveGuy on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:52 am

I cannot guarantee you that you'll actaully find it interesting, I'm just really "amazed" and had to let it go off of me, it's just a rant really.

All this happened this night, it might be really uninteresting, I wrote it because I was pretty upset about what happened, here's what happened;

I added a few (random) people on PSN earlier so we could help each other with getting a trophy on Red Dead Redemption (yes I know that may sound lame, whatever). Adding and finding people that want to help is not necessarily the problem, but bringing them together, at the same time is, and lucky me there were 4 players online that we needed if we wanted to get this trophy. I sent a message to everyone so that we can do it now. It seems like it might just be possible, I start up RDR, select multiplayer and when it's loading it freezes. I'm like "what a coincidence *sarcastic*, now that I can't have it it happens. It rarely happens, but all right it's not the first time this game freezes" so I hold the reset button on the PS3 until it resets. I restart my PS3 and the game... game freezes again, and again, and again, and again. I think I tried it for at least 20 times, constantly the same.

I was so damn furious as that has never happened before and at that time I really couldn't have it happening as I said to some random players we'd do the trophy and they were waiting for me (it's not that easy to get the trophy). I'm also mad because from what it seems now I don't see any solution to fix the constant freezing, so I guess something's wrong with my game. And that pisses me even more off, as I'm always very careful with my stuff so I'm really sure it's not my fault... technology fails again.

Anyway, it was late, I wanted to sleep (I was tired) and I would worry about it all tomorrow. I had some beer left in a bottle and I wanted it empty before I was going to sleep. I fill my glass with the last bit, I put it on a small table (next to my laptop) which is next to my sofa where I sit in front of the TV. At a certain moment I turn from the TV to my laptop (I do this constantly, I play a game (on the TV) and check a forum in the meantime (on my laptop)) but I (apparently) hit my glass with beer. And there it went... all the beer on my laptop and on the wooden table. I don't really know how it happened but I just knew I was fucked, I was also amazed when it happened as I couldn't realize I just spilled beer on my freaking laptop after having some frustration of that RDR game.

After cleaning everything up it seems my laptop still works fine, as I wrote this too on my laptop. And to end it all I now have some serious stomachache (I guess from the alcohol though I barely drunk any).

I'm sorry if this may sound random, stupid, weird, etc. but I was like "ef you see kay, fuck".

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Re: When one thing goes wrong...

Post by ICEheaven102 on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:08 am

Man, that sucked. I know how you feel. It happened to me today too, but the details are too..... Hard to explain.


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