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MW2 Ground War

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MW2 Ground War

Post by Lady_Scout on Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:41 am

There are way too many people now. It's chaos everywhere. There's guys with grenade launchers and knives and shotguns. So basically GW just enhances this experience. Not to mention the spawns are messed up big time. We knew that for a long while anyway. And I've been running around with Ober and Helen on Search & Destroy so the rush and kill method is really weird to me. I'm more used to the quiet, sneak around this guy, plant the bomb etc. sort of thing now. But I'm not great at S&D and getting used to it means I start sucking at other game modes.

So therefore: I r nubcake.

IN OTHER NEWS: Ice, you talk like a girl. Sorry, but I'm just being honest. Being honest about these things is written in my DNA so I can't not say it Sad

"Oh my God that freaking scared me!" "It almost gave me a heart attack!"

And I can't forget to mention that your voice is in the middle of changing instead of being completely changed. It just sounds kind of... girlish.


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Re: MW2 Ground War

Post by NewWaveGuy on Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:54 am

ICE talks like girl... so... that means I'm not the only one. Shocked /nah, I never heard anyone say I sounded like girl.

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