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Killzone Role Play

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Re: Killzone Role Play

Post by Lady_Scout on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:26 pm

I made my way around the tables and occasional students or soldiers standing in the middle of the aisle for some odd pointless reason. Wanke gestured at his friends and they disappeared through the door. I pushed it open and saw no surprises. They still expected me around the side of the auditorium. That really makes me wonder how the hell did they even make it to Elite classes. No worries, I still happened to have my cloaking device which could help... maybe. Depends on the situation. I kept my hand on my holster as I walked to the auditorium.

The auditorium had various uses. Sometimes, several classes would be taken there for a lecture by one of the officers instead of an instructor. Other times, it would be used to brief platoons, squads, whatever before soldiers head into combat.

I went around to the side and sure enough, I found Wanke and one of his friends next to him. Once I got closer, two more emerged from the custodial closet behind me. Only four. All of them were taller than me and a little more built but that's cause I spend most of my time sitting up in some ledge blowing up people's heads. They were quite arrogant and that could work to my advantage. Wanke was putting on his stupid grin now. I should've punched his face in right then and there but that would probably be a bad idea.

The two behind me were attempting to sneak up, I can't believe they even tried that because they should know I knew they were there (fail much, yes?), and grab me by the arms so I could be pinned down and unable to move. Fortunately, they were trying to sneak up so they were moving very slowly. I moved my hand from my holster and to my cloaking device that was hidden behind it and flipped it on. Those behind me hesitated. Wanke and his buddy up front made a reluctant move. In combat, you only needed a moment's hesitation. It would mean life or death depending on who was the one hesitating.

One of the guys behind me, on my right, tried to swing a punch but by then I'd already ducked down and cast a sweep kick towards them to knock them off balance. Their weight brought them down. Now it was Wanke's turn. He aimed a kick at me but I rolled out of the way. I ran up to his friend on my front left and delivered a nice punch to the stomach. He doubled over and I kneed him in the face. Hard. The two in the back were gone already (apparently, they just gave up after I knocked them over. Lame). I stand up straight, uncloak, and aim my pistol at Wanke's face.

He tried to swat it away but I kicked him in the groin, which was left rather exposed to attack, and pistol whipped him as he fell to his knees. If there was anything a student probably shouldn't do, it was challenge a soldier, officer, or instructor. It always led to someone getting their arse kicked.

For the next twenty minutes, I was half dragging him to the medical facility because I kicked him a little too hard. I didn't see what the medics gave him but he was pretty much pissed at what I did. He deserved that, code of conduct isn't really on his side here.

That's when I remembered to ask Meijer about how he knew where this particular HQ was. Squad leaders didn't normally know about it. In fact, very few did but no one really knew what those squads did in the field. Five minutes later, I was at his room in the facility. He looked a lot better now and his voice had cleared up considerably.

Meijer: Back again? I didn't realize you missed me that much...

Me: Maybe, but I happened to be around so I wanted to say hi.

Meijer: Heh, the guys up front say I'm probably going to be out in a couple of days so you won't have to visit me down here for much longer.

Me: That's good news. Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. How did you know where this place was? I mean, they don't really tell all the squad leaders where it is. Usually it's just the frequency for calling it up.

He hesitated. They did tell me though. I don't know what goes on in their heads so don't worry about it.

Me: Is there something you're not telling me?

Meijer: No.

Me: *sighs* Fine. I'll see you later then.

Meijer: Okay, bye.

I leave him at that. I take the elevators back up to the mess hall and find the group sitting at the table again. Lunch was almost over so I just grabbed a roll or whatever to eat for now. I know there's something he's not telling me...



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