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Highschool RP

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Highschool RP

Post by Doitsu on Sun May 30, 2010 2:02 pm

Scenerio: Several new students are going to a new school (I'm thiking Japan, but I"m open to ideas), and they have to survive both the new culture of the country and getting through highschool. Of course there are problems a long the way, and they way that they settle them is up to themselves.

Character sheet: (This time put w/e you want as categories, as long as you hit all of the main points)

Name: Johnathen Greg
Age: 17
Race(Can be w/e you can think of):Human
Nationality: Scotish and Irish
Skin Color: Caucasin
Height: 6'0
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Clothes: SChool uniform, (Normal) Black Combat boots, Kaki camo pants, White undershirt, collared long sleeve shirt w/ sleeves rolled up and open, Grandfather's Dog tags
Personality: Quiet and Cold, due to his past. Has a tendency to be very pessimistic, and point out the flaws in people.
Bio: He was sent away from adoption at birth, and we taken by foster parents. He never liked living there, so his only escape was his grandfather and school. His grandfather molded him into the man that he was supposed to be, by telling him about his past, and filling in as his father. His grandfather used to run with the IRA in the past, so he has connections to many black markets and crime rings aroudn the world. REcently John's parents were killed by a secert ciminal organization, so his grandfather is shipping him off to another country to go to school.

We will start when everyone who wants to participat is here.


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